Queen Mary's School

Our vision is to educate the girl child in such a manner that when she grows up, the world is bound by the limits of her vision, to be proactive, confident and independent. School Pledge:- "On my honour, I Promise to do my best; to be truthful and honest in all I do, to be disciplined, reliable and responsible, thus upholding the dignity and honour of my school.

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Queen Mary's School runs under the aegis of the Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India, with the Bishop of Delhi CNI as the Chairman - Rt. Rev. Warris K. Masih. We, at Queen Mary's believe in giving our children a creative, stimulating and an invigorating environment so that they can learn, understand, explore, innovate and express themselves effectively. Our endeavour is to bring forth a generation of children who are confident, aware, sensitive, caring and independent individuals, progressive, committed and secular. The school follows a child-centered approach where each child is an individual and is nurtured accordingly.